One Hundred Years of Solitude – Review, 3*

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

So… it wasn’t bad. I just wasn’t properly prepared. If there’d been a preface that said “it’s a slice of many lives novel in a style reminiscent of Homer or Virgil” then I would have been prepared. But in my stubbornness to take on the book without knowing anything I spent the whole time wondering what the point of it all was, how so much had happened and I was only a quarter of the way through and why doesn’t he use full stops? I know at times it was a stylistic choice, and maybe reading it on a phone screen was not conducive to a good experience but it is a dense dense book. I think I will probably re-read it to see if I understand/enjoy it better, but not for a few years. There were some elements I enjoyed but mostly I found it hard-going both to read, and to follow.



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