We Crossed A Bridge And It Trembled – Review, 5*

We Crossed A Bridge And It Trembled by Wendy Pearlman

This book was beautiful. Haunting, devastating, uplifting, awful, and beautiful. Wendy Pearlman has done a magnificent job transcribing the thoughts and feelings of the people of Syria. I remember the Arab Spring… in that I remember the fall out happening on Twitter and how *fascinating* it was that social media had in some way prompted all this revolution to happen. What a stupid little girl I was. I don’t even think I really connecting the ongoing Syrian Refugee crisis with what happened all those years ago and I am ashamed. Just as many Western powers should be ashamed of what has happened, and what we have done, and not done.

I honestly think everyone should read this book. Although dealing with some heavy themes it manages to not be a heavy book, it’s not going to be one that guilts you from your bedside table that you think you “ought to read” but you’ll read something “light” instead. As a series of small stories it is very readable. Just…go read it.



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