Falling For Vermont – 13 points

Falling for Vermont is about an author who suffers from amnesia when driving to a small town in Vermont – except I don’t ever remember the details when I start the movie. Hence some of my reactions later on. 13 points doesn’t seem like a lot but I genuinely liked this movie as well.

Is this our girl from Pumpkin Pie Wars?

Totally is, but she’s an author today of something called “Time Visitor”

Well this is a cute interaction, strong female protagonists

”Run every time you feel overwhelmed” – that will be relevant later

That was confusing, I thought this was about to be higher happy place but it seems this is our intro to The Guy – he’s a paediatrician, that’s great – cue a disappeared/dead wife

Interfering mother – check!

Even though the book title is trash the movie looks exciting, what even are these photos though?

Uh oh, she has a boyfriend, how can she fall in love with our paediatrician – ah, it’s OK, he’s an idiot boyfriend

He called his girlfriend “slugger”!?!

Prediction: she’s going to run away

OK, I didn’t think she’d run away so quickly, but I love it

Oh my god is that blood on her face? Oh my god she has amnesia!?!?!

OK, he’s not a paediatrician, weirdest meet cute ever

“Hopedale” what a cute name

“You don’t have concussion” don’t worry – how can they not find her car though?

He really gave her a lolly? I mean, lame but cute, I like him


A “bookery”!? Sweet

Lol @ mother, what is wrong with her? I mean it makes sense if he has a guesthouse but seriously, could you be more match-make

Well the kids are nice, which is unusual but I guess they’re not feeling threatened

Haha I thought the kids were so well trained, but smart changing the wifi password

Yup! Dead wife

That’s a pretty big canoe, OK, so why does she know so much about canoes? There was one reference to “we went canoeing one time” Didn’t realise it was gonna be a big deal :O

Emily is so cute, I love her – why hasn’t she recognised our girl yet? Surely her picture must be in the books!

Only the 5th time you’ve called 48 hours – why are you not more worried

“Spa town on the cape” do they know her at all? She legit said she wanted to go to Vermont

Those pancakes are tiny, what is that about?

Wait, was he gonna talk about her if she hadn’t been there? That’s a bit weird

Ooh the bright lights triggered some memories, that was kind of neat

Why does it say “dad” and “Sailing” when she’s only commented about “her mom” and “canoeing” continuity fail right there, seriously, someone needs to lend her some clothes

They’re not looking for her particularly hard though

Did you not take her picture, why did you say “aren’t the woman who lost her memory?” That’s weird

Thanks for that Wendy, way to motivate

“Attractive” – dude what?

Yay for bonding – ooh Emily doesn’t mind buying clothes when it’s for an amnesiac weird lady

Why don’t you write it down in the journal you got!

There we go, good girl

Awww they’re going to do the canoe up together

“A few weeks!!!” She isn’t even here!? You haven’t even looked for her. What is this?

Worst boyfriend ever. You’re happy to wait 6 goddamn days for your girlfriend to come home!?

Oh, ooh, they used to go out in it with his wife

Three days!? But it’s been four days that she’s been missing. What is time? What day are on?

Awww and he’s so touched, that’s sweet, sometimes that’s now it works, bless him

How do you remember him bring it home, why would he bring home a canoe that was already like 40 years old, when he’s probably about 50 by then

Ow, “predictable”  – you wound him

I mean, you brought a strange woman into your house, that’s pretty spontaneous

Why does she need to keep the jacket when she’s outside the house!?

That was a cute little non-kiss

He’s gonna say they shouldn’t kiss, oh that’s a good (fish) reason, bless him

Haha oh dear, you guuuuyyyssss

Oh my god they’re shits, just do as you’re told, it’s a little play for tomorrow, don’t beg its, you’re like 12

Oh man, I hope she’s there tomorrow, they better not drag her back

Good job *dad* poison your son’s guest

Wait so she got unwell then just slept through to the next day mid morning wish? What is her sleeping pattern?

I’m the only doctor in this whole town but sure, I’ll just bunk off work for the afternoon why not.

Awww cheesy kid smiles, noticing their dad having the feelings for Elizabeth, awww cute families

How did it take them TWO weeks to find the car!? And only half a mile from where you picked her up like what?

Oh man, Brad and Cynthia are gonna rock up and take her away from the play, what is that


Why is Emily not at the fall fest, what are these people?

Ooooh, she’s recognising things

Ohhh, sEmily’s hiding because she’s nervous, that’s OK, that’s cute

I like this actress, she seems to play in movies where there are not having misunderstandings, she’s like “I think we both know stuff” but it’s not important

I wonder if she’s knows the trope and things “nope, not in my movies”

Awww, he’s so sweet, I like these guys

Surely everyone is watching the play, that’s the whole point, why would you be elsewhere

Yay for the play!

Note to self, if I become a famous author I will have a photo in my books

Oh my god Brad, why would you ruin everything, ruin her speech Brad you’re the worst, dump him!!!

Aww the kids, you’re so cute, bless you Emily

You better not be actually leaving them Angela, don’t bullshit me

Did they come in a limo, wtf is wrong with you Brad, why are you such a weirdo

Oh my god Brad, don’t make her talk about Vermont, that’s so shitty, you didn’t even ask her when she turned up

Oh no, this is so sad, run away again, go find them.

You’ve realised he’s a douche bag,

At least she spotted he cares more about books than her, do you want her to be happy – you literally forced her on show after show, plane after plane

But it’s a nice healthy break up

Yaaaaaaaaaay going back to Hopedale! Hahahaha sensible sister – but put her whole name and a phone number, that’s ridiculous

Least generous ice creams ever btw

Sooooo cuuuuute 🙂 Yay \o/

So there we go, I thought that was pretty fun to be honest. It was nice and wholesome and cute.



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