Seasonal Romance Movies – Scoring

OK, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to score the movies and I think these are the main points that will be involved:

Likeable heroine – 1

Likeable hero – 1

Destiny – 1

Situation to bring them together – 1-5 (5 being most ridiculous)

Character Growth – 1

Happy Ending – 1

Conflict of Interests – 1

Moment of misunderstanding – 1-5 (5 being most ridiculous) (points for each moment)

Declaration of never falling in love – 1

Dead/missing family members – 1 per person

Dead family members causing difficulty between protagonists – 1 per person per instance

Sassy offspring – 1 per child

Old-Timey traditions and values – 1 per each


I’ve used ‘hero’ and ‘heroine’ because for the most part these sorts of movies follow a sadly cishet dynamic. If people wanna to point me in the direction of more diverse seasonal romance movies please do; I would love to find them! Having just watched Pumpkin Pie Wars – a movie I quite enjoyed but scored low on the drama, I think I might have to change the scoring system somewhat but now I have one in place.

DISCLAIMER – not all movies which score highly will be better – they will just be more cheesy, I will comment if I think they’re worth watching 😀



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