The Princess Switch – 15 Points

The Princess Switch is aNetflix original movie in which a baker from Chicago bumps into a princess at a baking competition, realise they’re look a likes and decide to switch places for a couple of days.

What a cute little baker she is, and we have a lovely young man


A Royal Baking competition!?!?And they’re going the three of them?

Precocious child, so cute

And there’s been a break up – good start

Doooo it girl, going would be amazing!

Do it for the cute girl and the nice man whose name I missed

Christmas wisdom from a Kindly old man?

Oooh, and he’s moved on, devastation.

Not the *best* reason to choose to go but whatever.

Are they all gonna speak with British accents!? Please say yes!

That car would not make it up that lane in those tyres with that snow :O

How does this girl know so much about Belgravia – also Wembley?

Yup, super British. Oh man, is that the same guy “How could I be in Chicago last week?” – “Well I was dude”

This guy is such a shit stirrer


Ah good, a not-meet-cute XD

Oooh, this girl’s a cow

Kevin, his name is Kevin

Ooooh what a cow, but good, nice to have some antagonism, and that’s the duchess, aha!

“Montenaro” of course

What is that conniving look o_O

Why is she pacing like a creep? Soooooooooo British, is she gonna kidnap her and cut her hair

You’ve gone in a different direction – BOTH OF YOU – what

Why see Olivia in an hour when your meeting is an hour? What madness is this

I wish you and Stacy were a thing too

Prediction – they swap lives but realise they love the men they’re with

Kidnapping imminent

Stacy, be better at this

Prediction: he returns earlier

What is with her buddy’s face? Is she in league with Christmas Wisdom Dude

Awww, what a cute Stacy


This is so weird, this accent is so bad

Ahahahahaha, she looks like Mia trying to do the Princess walk

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is so bad, so awkward


Hilariously bad, “a royal log”

So we have two tiny countries that both have British speaking people – that’s not suspicious at all. And why do they always end in ‘ia’? I know Genovia started it but I’m just saying

As if the duchess can drive?

Kevin is so precious, I like him

FINGER GUNS!? CATCH SOME ZZZZs – I’m with you Kevin

“Feetie pyjamas” lulz

Awww, you’re a cutie – whatever your name is Madam arched-brow

Fluffy heeled slippers!?!?!!



NEW PREDICTION: they fall in love with the new men Stacy with Edward, The Duchess with Kevin

What is her walk, what is this!?


Ahahahaha, “smashing” so he didn’t return early, he’s going to be here the whole time

It looks tacky

Can’t beat a ride through the snow

“Warm horse is a happy horse and there’s nothing better than a happy horse” what the everliving fuck is she on

Uh-oh, they are suspicious and that’s the nasty driving man

Lol, well they should have have talked to each other more, at least she taught her the handshake but Olivia knows

Margaret is the duchess

This guy is such a creep, such a creeeeeeep, good girl Madam I’ve forgotten your name, I’m so sorry

She swaggers a bit much for a duchess, she’s gonna fall

Oh, she made it Oh, there we go, she did fall, just not when I thought she would

“The royal wash” lunges what is this!? WHAT!?

I am only half an hour in guys, I have laughed a lot so far

That could not be more fake backdrop if they tried, oof an almost kiss

WOW, Stacy, that was a bit much, bit fast

Smartie pants Olivia, smart girl

She needs to stop saying super, it’s weird

How can Kevin not know

Madam Donatelli, I love you so much, you’re the absolute bomb

Put Mr. Creepo in his place

Hello spooky wisdom dude, why there always be an interfering old dude, not that I don’t like him


Grandmother looks like Ms. Donatelli

Good guy Prince Edward

Awww, romantic side-glances lulz

Yup, Margaret is definitely gonna fall for Kevin and Stacy for Edward, are they gonna do a lineage test to see if she can still be duchess? How is this gonna work?!

That tiara looks less tacky actually on her head, aww they’re so cute

Uh oh, oops girl, shush,  she doesn’t even know what she has to play

Oh god, oh god, oh god, this can’t be good, please be a pianist, oh my word,  good guy Edward again, saving his girl, phew

OK, so she has played the piano before, that was cute

Well hello again, wisdom man, are you gonna be Santa at the end?

Why have they not had the first dance yet!? What kind of ball is this!?

Kevin is a fitty, who knew?

Oh, her mom left, no wonder she can wish for a new one. Also, that wasn’t a tuxedo.


Inb4 wisdom-oh ok, I thought their carriage driver was gonna be the wisdom dude

Oh wow, they went straight there, oh Stacy you doll

This is the spiritual successor to Princess Diaries 2 clearly!


“Quite liked it actually” – bless him

Oh no, they’re gonna meet each other, what is going to happen!? Uh oh, the mean lady!

What on earth, you can’t play twister in a kids store, also, whose money is she spending – her own or the prince’s?


Hahaha, wisely old man, he’s so sweet and interfering, hahaha Ms Donatelli, you are a classic

How can you be that bad at wrapping!?

Phew, I thought she was gonna some how dob herself in to the queen but she just thought they were cute – aha, the mother knows they’re falling in love

Awwww, cuteness and oh my god so many presents

What was that hand the clap

Hahaha the mistletoe again, and so much “magic of Christmas” oof, a proper kiss!

Oh man, they have to swap back tonight, what do

Oh Olivia, you are so cute

“Almost like you’re not the same person” – ouch Kevin, ouch – also, is Stacy not that nice to Kevin?

AHAHAHAHA A Christmas Prince – wow, self-promotion what?

Oh shit, the necklace, oh shit a real kiss, they’re in love, what do!?!?!

Awww, Kevin also got Margaret necklace, that’s so cute, oh no, what’s gonna happen

Oh god, don’t break his heart, he’s such a perfect peach, Oh Kevin, you darling,

Oh my god, Brianna, what is wrong with you? You fucking freak, that’s such an obvious sabotage, what

OH NO, he’s spotted them, why did he take pictures before realising what was going on, oh no he’s going to ruin everything

Oooh, the Queen, you doll, hahahaha, serves you right Frank

Ooh, Ms Donnatelli, yes, how did he get such good shots

What do you mean wisdom man, what!?!


Also, how could she not check her mixer before they start, it was plugged in but now it’s not, how did they not notice

Come on, Kevin, keep your head in the game

What are you doing Queen? Surely you’re making things more difficult for your girl – what are you doing, what’s the plan !?WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!

Oh my gosh, are we gonna go for honesty!? Not a misunderstanding, just honesty?

Who knows, because we cut away, that cake looks amazing!

Well done Zachary! Ahahahahaha Brianna, sabotage gets you no where bitch

YAY OUR GIRL WON – With Kevin!!!

Here goes, I am so tense, what is going to happen

Oh Kevin, your poor sweet face, you poor sweet darling

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, and lol, Edward stepping in, aw this is so cute, maybe they’ll just switch and tell no one

This is so ridiculous and the total best

Aw, Olivia, so cute

Wait, even Frank is OK with it now

Oh, so they’re not going to pretend she’s the duchess, she’s just gonna marry him, that’s even better, oh and he’s proposing and it’s so cute oh my gosh

Frank!? What side are you on!?


Genuinely thought it would hit the chandelier

Bye bye wisdom old man, and the king and queen are just down with their son marrying a commoner, fair enough then

OK, so that was a super long one but I was flailing a lot, I actually really liked that, it was so dumb, but so sweet, and we didn’t go in for many tropes, well, some. I’m giving the movie 15 points overall, I’m only giving 2 points for dead parents even though technically all four are gone because they’re not overly mentioned. So it gets 14 points plus a bonus point for an ethnically somewhat diverse cast. Most of these are a whitewash so lets give points where deserved.



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