Hitting the books

So, after a few too many years of not having the time, inclination, or ability to read as much as I used to about 18 months ago I decided to get back into reading, I mostly re-read the books I had on hand because money was tight but it got me back into the flow. Last year money was not so tight so I read more and signed up for a couple of Book subscription boxes: namely Owlcrate and Book Box Club. After moving house at the very end of last year I decided to unsubscribe to those but the return to reading had been completed and I was a fully active reader once more.

This year I decided to do a couple of “reading challenges” so as to diversify my reading material. I also had joined a discord server with a strong number of readers so was getting a lot of recommendations that way, plus I joined Life’s Library, an online book club started by John Green (he of The Fault in Our Stars) and Rosianna Halse Rojas, his PA/lovely person. Through those means I have already read 23 books this year, my goal for the whole year was 24!

The challenges I decided to do were The Book Riot Read Harder Challenge and the Modern Mrs. Darcy Challenge. The great thing about Book Riot’s challenge is that it has suggested books for each of the topics. I have read 8 books so far for Book Riot and 2 for Modern Mrs. Darcy.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I’m going to start copying over my reviews from GoodReads to this blog. I had hoped I could get it to auto-publish but for some read GoodReads only supports Blogger now? Though it supported WordPress in the past, so that’s confusing.

This is my GoodReads account if you want to follow me on there. And yeah, reviews incoming. There will be a spam of all the ones from this year – since that’s when I started reviewing and then they’ll trickle in as I read.



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