My Brother’s Husband – Review 5*

My Brother’s Husband by Gengorah Tagame

I thoroughly enjoyed this manga. In it we watch as Yaichi struggles with his own homophobia, directed without intent by his daughter who is just fully accepting of the possibility of having two uncles who are married. Interestingly, although he has difficulties with it himself, he is offended at the possibility that other people could consider a gay person to be a “bad influence”, which in turn makes him re-evaluate everything he’d thought up until now.

With all that’s going on these days surrounding LGBTQIAA+ rights, and whether or not children should be “exposed” to the “idea” that these people exist, it’s refreshing to read something that shows the belief that many of us know to be true – children just don’t care. Phobias are taught, and kids can be far more accepting of people and their differences. The point is more that conservatives don’t *want* them to be accepting, so they must control what they consume, or risk children becoming more liberal.

Plus, the art is lovely! The characters are brilliant, Mike was so effortlessly himself in a way that must have been hard won, Yaichi’s change of heart develops naturally and Kana is every 11 year old girl.



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