The Cruel Prince – Review, 5*

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

I picked this book up a long time ago, I was reading it on Kindle for Mac and then a lot of things happened and a lot of physical books came my way so I kind of put it down. I decided to get around to finishing it and I’m glad I did and I see why everyone was so hyped for The Wicked King.

Holly Black is an excellent writer, her world feels vivid and real. I also love that she chose a somewhat unlikeable narrator. Unlikeable perhaps is not the right word, but Jude is not what we’re used to. But then, a lot of young adult heroines these days are not what we’re used to; though not all of them are as calm and collected while shooting another person. I like Jude, but she’s not necessarily a likeable-by-all person, she gets on with the job, she uses people for her own end, she breaks promises and while she ultimately has good in her plan and in her heart, she doesn’t mind stepping on a few people to make that happen.

I plan to read The Wicked King in far less time than it took me to read this one!



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