Christmas Romance Movies

Well friends it’s that time of the year again and this time I’m going bigger and better than ever. For starters I’ve made a spreadsheet of every Christmas romance movie available on UK Netflix and Amazon Prime (that’s free with prime). I’m also considering a Hallmark TV subscription for at least the holiday season so those are on there too. A copy of this spreadsheet is available here. I’m not made of money so any that you have to pay for on top of the Prime subscription I haven’t included (plus writing all of those up as well would melt my brain). In fact a friend just directed me to frndlytv where I can watch this year’s Hallmark so they’ve been added in case I take a chance on watching them.

Will I watch all of these by Christmas? Doubtful, there’s 117 (though I’ve watched 11 between last year and this year so that’s a start…) of them and though I’ve been on furlough I am hoping to get a job soon so I won’t have so much time. Will I watch a lot of these? Probably, I have two fearless friends who have allowed me to hijack our weekly (socially distanced) movie night.

I will also provide, for your reading pleasure, a review of every one I watch. They might not all be full ‘live blog’, stream-of-consciousness type of reviews but I will provide some thoughts. If you’re lucky my friends might also chime in with their thoughts.

So far I have already watched two movies: Miss Me This Christmas and Hearts of Christmas so expect reviews in the coming days.

Even if I don’t watch all of them, hopefully I’ll have some good ones I can recommend so you don’t have to spend your Christmas period watching the truly awful movies. And I meanĀ bad bad, we all love a trashy movie – heck that’s what I do on this blog! – but I shall endeavour to save you from the trash.


Salixa x