Movie Review: Hearts of Christmas – 13 Points

When a beloved neonatal intensive care unit supervisor is forced to take early retirement, her young colleague, Jenny, decides to turn the upcoming staff Christmas party into a surprise celebration for her. But the plan is complicated by the hospital’s new CFO who’s been tasked to cut costs.


I love all this snow
Oop we’ve already seen the bad guy I reckon
We’ve already got a wing woman, love it
Walt I love you already (I have subtitles on so j know his name)
Well that was kind of a depressing way of putting this
Oh god, my teeth hurt on those sweet lines
Are they gonna pray
Oh jeezzzz a poem
Chekhov’s poem
And we’re business ladies
Well that was a semi realistic interaction
Oh god, I seriously hate analogue elitism
Oh shit, just shut her down why don’t you
Hospitals shouldn’t be businesses though, it’s absurd
It seems weird that no one’s been told about the new policy
That guy is a dick
Why is he looking at that list? Is he being creepy
This house is awesome
Her mum and stepdad are cute
Ah tennis and golf the opposite sports
I suppose they are
That’s a lot of presents he’s got there
Where is this place?
Also that train is fucking legendary
Dude don’t hit on your brother in law
Why is their tv so high up!?
So are they house mates? Besties? Sisters?
Just smiling yourself at your inbox
Oh man is she being fired!?
Oh shit, early retirement
That Dude is heartless
I mean, I love Christmas but it’s a bit sanctified like not being allowed to do the jobs that need to be done
1 in 13 babies!?
That baby better make it through this fucking movie or I’m gonna riot
I have a horrible feeling they’re gonna be stopped from seeing him all the time…
This movie has me paying attention and not writing notes
I guess that’s good?
Dude she would have said thanks if you’d given her a second
Also peoole who try to talk their way into discounts with guilttripping are bullshit
See, he’s a good dude, it’s his job
He could be a bit more apologetic
I want this shop
Search down random people that’s totally unprofessional
Just staring at the train set like a weirdo
Nice calathea
Oh Alice this sucks big time 🙁
Is he going to invite his sister to their nicu Christmas party!? That’s super weird
It’s pretty cheesy
Ohhhh he’s sourcing a location. See he’s a good dude
This place does not look very appropriate for a Christmas party
Although maybe for nicu where they’re all about kids
This friend… I didn’t learn her name, I’m amused
Stop being nice so I can be mad
Yeah come on Jenny you’re being a real dick
He’s actually apologised
Is mom not happy with Bob?
Oh maybe I was just reading into things
Ahhh that’s why she was looking at the train set
That’s super cute
You super are married to your job
Their house is massive
Sound expensive
I was right
That’s not a good enough reason People NEED TO BE PAID
You got super lucky there girl
But still “oh we’re nurses we deserve to get stuff cheap” like, they are super important and deserving but other people need to eat
You work in the same place guys…
That’s because he can’t
If he can’t save money he’ll have to close the hospital that’s how money works!!
DON’T they have to go to work
Oh no baby problems
I will RIOT
So shiny and bright!
How do you forget Rudolph!?
Lauren is her housemate
XD well played Jenny
That car is so big omfg
Where the fuck are they going!?
Are they just gonna chop a tree down!?
She probably knows it’s an hour, sue was just in the car with you
Oh they literally are chopping down a tree
He is really coming on strong
Oh no! Bob found his present!why didn’t she fucking wrap?
Oh hey, she’s a kate, twinsies
I don’t know why we had that scene, I think Bob is gonna die so we had to see him happy about his present
Bob better not die
Why is she crying over skates, what’s happening!?
Those cups are empty, you can always tell
Not really plenty, just an idea
Even I don’t think I could chain drink hot chocolate
We better go or well be late, oh we’ll just be late
That tree is fucking massive
Hahahaha I like these two, that was cute
Don’t say it, good boy
Oh Alice you look so sad <3
Oh no, she’s getting no Christmas cards now and is gonna be sad
Thank God
I would riot
Oh god competition-as-flirting is so lame
Oh Alice I see why you got skates
Oh fuck, Alice is gonna be betrayed
Oh shit
Alice is savagely gracious, I love her
This rink is fucking anarchy, why aren’t people skating politely
Yes Isabel
Alice you’re the bomb
“I see why it’s bad that she’s leaving” thanks I guess?
Oh damn Jenny
Owning it, I like it
She’s got to cover Walt for his game!
I think he’s an arsehole. He’s coming to spoil things
I knew it! I knew she’d be sad!
Where’s Jenny going? She just got here
Didn’t she?
Ah she did the late shift
This train is awesome
This is a cute little get to know each other thing
Yeah Jenny, taking life into your own hands
Who is she texting? That guy who called??
Diners don’t give out recipes
I think it probably will actually
I love Alice loving skating
Oh no, she overheard him doing his job
God women who don’t give reasons ate the legit worst
I hope she’s okay, older lady on the ice not so good
You weren’t fucking right about him
Get a wheel chair you’re a hospital
Prediction: he was talking about taking his own salary reduction to keep alice
I think I will be a terrible mum, I don’t think I could spent 16 hours staring at a sleeping baby day after day
That said I am so happy for these guys holding their baby
What a sweet little bundle
Yeah! Coerce her into partying I love it
This is beyond cute
Oh good, he’s not a creepy dude
Oh this is heart breakingly cute
There are onions in those my Christmas cookies that’s the only reason for those tears
Oh my god! That’s amazing
So many onions in this room
Called it on the poem
Seriously though it’s raining on my face
Called it on him getting her job back though I couldn’t guess who cut their salary
Appropriate dancing to the music. Hurrah!


This is a pretty cute story. Quite predictable but these sorts of movies usually are. Obviously the good old JUST TALK went through my head a couple of times but generally I thought it was a really sweet story.


Salixa x