Movie Review: A Song for Christmas – 10 Points

Two single parents stumble into the possibility of love for Christmas, only to discover that their daughters are embroiled in a nasty rivalry at school. When the rivalry gets out of control, can hope and healing lead everyone to a peaceful and merry Christmas?

The tune is scary, just sayin
Well thus little intro thing is cute
Bit twinkly and a bit long
Oh I love the little town though!
Is that the girl from Santa Girl?
I don’t think so actually
In the credits they put it together so nicely
She’s adorable, inb4 it fuses
Oh, well at least it didn’t fuse her house
Burn on New York
Oh wow, that’s some serious shit you’re putting on your dad
I’ve got mummy issues but that’s harsh
What a meetcute …
At least she’s not being demanding about it
I love the shopkeeper lady
Doing some match making
Fucking daughters am I right?
What a nice lady!
What a nice guy!
Such a match maker!
I asked for nice protagonists and I got them \o/
I approve of this version
I love her friends
Crazy girlfriend??
Oof, definitely crazy girlfriend
Oh, she’s not even a girlfriend
That’s been worse
He’s not even getting snogs as payment
What a cow, poor Nate (her dad) for having to raise her
Oh Henry, you poor bastard for having that line
MJ you’re a psycho
Oh No! Not nodes! I saw Pitch Perfect
I hope Danielle is ok for julliard
How many times am I going to say that!?
Ah yes, cabinetry that well known profession
Very cute nate and brother
Also she’s a bitch
Oooh sassy Pete, love it
Nah man, sucky mothers are scars for life, trust me
Was that supposed to be a line?
Is she flirting or shitty?
Awww Nate you’re a cutie
Hahaha it’s so cute though
Awwwwwwww I like it
I love this so much
Pooooor Nate
Love that sum up though
Its the plastics! Oh wait wrong movie
Don’t join them Charlotte, you’re better than that
Why are girls so scummy?
Also her dad died? That’s sad
Lose yourself in the music, the moment, you own it you better… no, wait, that’s Eminem not Christmas
Is Henry not a singer, or is he just nervous
Ukeleles always sound shit, hot take, don’t @ me
She does have a lovely voice
Hello bakery can I eat here?
Hello Nate
This is too cute, Nate you’re too cute
Jenny? You’re too cute as well
I love them
Ooooh Brown Sugar Bakery sounds good
I love him!
So cuuuuuute
Do bakeries stay open that late?
Also, Nate you’re so smooth
She’s such a nice mum!
Oof it’s gotta be hard
Of course they’re gonna sing the same song
Is she crying?
Well now I feel bad
Not any more, I don’t feel bad anymore
She’s such a Regina George
Fucking savage
I like these two, they’re so cute
So awkward but so cute
More pie!
Yessss more pie!
Oh good, MJ is mad
Because they don’t ruin your life you selfish bitch
At least she’s honest about the right now
Oh Henry, it was good until that last but
I’m glad to see So many people
I hope neither of them get the solo
Not to punish Charlotte but to make MJ get over herself
Stop prying dad, it’s not gonna work
She’s such a bitch, if she doesn’t get better by the end I’ll be mad
Man teenagers are wankers, my past self included
How did that girl get a call back!?!?! How bad were the others!?!?!?!
Oof Henry what a thing to say…
You know it’s always Henry, come on girl
Yeah, don’t try to blag it
She’s very talented, but so sad and scared
You can tell
Which just shows how talented she is, that she can sing well but also put fear into her voice
I love them
Oh wow, he beats me in school count
She’s so lovely
MJ you’re such a bitch
You can’t fucking have her
Your mum’s a bitch and it’s about time you dealt with it
Such a wholesome teenager
Oh Henry you could be more tactful though
I mean come on dude
Wow, worst friends for not going with her
That’s not her problem
Charlotte is a better person than her friends
What the fuck?
She’s having a breakdown clearly
I hope when I have kids and they’re teenagers I can explain to them that I understand
Christina you’re awesome
I ship it
Christmas cookies ding ding
Oh no, come on MJ
No one believes you
What the fuck is that crony about
MJ you’re better than this
Why are you showimg it to her?
It’s a Santa throne
Why would she love it
Pete and Nate, oh dear
Oh damn
What the fuck MJ
Seriously, you have a fucking problem
You need a good slap
She didn’t realise that’s who he was dating did She?
He knows it was her I think
Well now you’ve shown your hand MJ
He’s gonna know it was you
She’s wearing her pyjamas
Haha, nice mum
Oh dear, it’s going down
Ooof that’s not entirely fair
She needs a smack
Some of the guys!?!?
How many people did you bring
Fuck you MJ
Oh and it’s Charlotte’sfault
Fuck you MJ
Yeah because you’re a vandal
Why the fuck should they care about you? You’re a bitch
Such a loving relationship
Eva did you a solid
You’re bitches
Why wouldn’t She?
Good one Eva
What right do you have to cry?
Hug her Charlotte go on
Oh we love you Pete
I hope you’re married Pete because you’re a sweetheart and legend
Oh there’s a ring, I’m glad
They’re wearing Not quite matching jackets
Such a mature teenager
I wonder if losing a parent does that
Teens need to learn to fight their own wars
Which is her way of saying “I know but I want to”
What’s up Audrey?
Henry you are not keeping with your friends
Thus is so Mean Girls
Truth Audrey!
Yeah Henry, show Audrey you like her
It can be if it’s a diamond ring
What is it audrey!? Open it!
Oh it’s a cute yet tacky necklace because they’re 16
Oh my god
This is so cute
So much happy love
Henry you’re so cute
I love this
How is their school so empty
Give him a kiss!
Hopefully this is real growth
Not fake growth
She’s got class
Do a duet!!
Yeah Charlotte!
Such a classy girl
I love her pyjamas, so cute
That’s the biggest snow globe ever
It’s a cute story
What were you trying then?
It is real growth! Yay!
Take her to boxing, that’s what people do right?
Such a cute interaction
That’s handy, that she was right there
Wait, so is school still happening but MJ went home?
Pete and his family!
Lol, I like that we just have no footage of them working on the solo
We’ve just gone like what, two weeks in the future?
Hahaha she’s late!
Leg it!
Since they broke up+?!?! You cheeky sod
Awwww I love it
Better go watch the girls sing!
There are like 20 people XD
There are no younger citizens to be excited about seeing Santa
I’m glad the nasty blonde friend seems to be nice now
I knew they’d duet!
That lady is too happy for this place
So cute this duet
Slightly better applause
Blondie should apologise too
Definitely not tearing up at the niceness

This movie had me really flipping between emotions. I was enraged by MJ, overwhelmed by the adorbs, sympathetic for Charlotte. You know what’s gonna happen in the end, everything will be nice, but it’s kind of fun when a movie puts a lot of issues in the way to mix it up a little. I actually really enjoyed this one, this might even be a re-watch next Christmas, for when I want some cute Christmas chill.

Also, shout out to this movie for having a lot of actors of colour. Yes our main characters were all white but three of the four best friends were People of Colour and a lot of the background cast were too. Having watched this one and Looks Like Christmas back-to-back which both have a partly high school setting, Looks Like Christmas is such a whitewash by comparison. There aren’t often B-plots in these types of movies, this movie had an A-plot, the girls’ rivalry, a B-plot, the parents’ romance, and a C-plot where two of the besties get together. The fact that there are characters of colour, who get their own plot line, are instrumental to the main plots, have character growth, and their own agency – is outstanding. It shouldn’t be outstanding, it should be normal, but we should celebrate where it happens.