Movie Review: Looks Like Christmas – 13 Points

From cooking to decorating, Carol sleeps and breathes Christmas, so it’s no wonder the town refers to her as “Christmas Carol” but when a handsome man comes to town and challenges her traditional holiday views, Carol must learn how to compromise even if it means facing an unexpected romance.

Yay for reel one!
I should really be keeping track of that
Such pretty decorations
This family is cute
Who are they all though?
Siblings, kids, friends?
I see we’re gonna have another parent and kid double act like A Song for Christmas
Did they not have one last year? Oh that’s sad
Promises will be broken in these movies
Hey it’s Henry from A Song for Christmas!
That pizza looks lush
Ok so this a sister then I guess
Maybe because she doesn’t want to?
There’s more to life than love and marriage
Oh, bestie
I’m glad she’s a happy single woman even though she’ll be in love by the end of the movie
That wreath was so pretty
Oh wow, a decorations room
Can j have that much space please?
Oh wow, she really had already decorated
She is real good
I love the metaness of black Friday mocking
Literally go on Saturday
I like her sassiness
Tbf, time is a wasting
Such a sweet dweeb son
I do like this dad character though
Are they getting a tree before school?
He need a to go to school though tbf
That is a nice tree though
Oh no, is an accident gonna happen?
Not a good meetcute
What’s wrong with him!?!?!
At least they didn’t crash
This sports team pride thing is so American
They look older than 14!
She’s a legit nutter
5 candy canes isn’t breakfast!
How is he late he was already there next to that guy
Evans is his first name??
Ooooof duuuuuude
I’m not here to provide answers just questions
To be fair, that does sound better
Oh wow, this is just so manufactured, why is she so up herself
Woooow Carol what is the problem!?
This is how she’s been coping since she broke up with her husband
Co-chair!? That seems a bit much
Oh I seeeee, that’s why she has a stick up her butt
Hahahaha oh no
Hah I kind of love her
I forgive the stick up her butt
“Held it together” XD
That was a hell of a jawline, I’ll grant you
Unhelpful friends XD
Oh man, poor Terry
So manipulated by his boss
Fucking hell
Poor lamb
Much cuter meetcute between the kids
“Gamebox” wow
Because she’s 14 and why else would you mention it and it’s the worst thing to happen
Haha whoooops
Are they gonna buy the last good Christmas tree?
Was it not tied on very well?
She’s gonna have a breakdown
Oh no…
Wait, they flock real trees? J thought that was a fake tree thing
The snow covered tree warms a place up? O_o
Yeah really
How are you gonna source her a tree
Oh, you did!
Well that’s pretty cute
Oh no, is she gonna do something bad with it?
Don’t do it Carol
Don’t do a bad thing
Clever girl
Wooooow girl
Its a free tree girl, what a bitch
Do any of these women work
Oh, she does work
Hah, yeah married to the principle would help
“He’s never met the right person to settle down with” – it’s been two years since his wife died you vulture women!
Oh BOY! He’s knocking down the library too!?
What the hell, this business is kind of shit
These business people are kind of manipulative
Such a nice set of kids
Oooooof poor girl
Hah, don’t push it Terry
Oh Carol, you’re so lovely, even to a dickhead
Don’t mention it Terry
Hahahaha wow, even his daughter knows he should shut up
I mean who is *proud* of taking down a library!?!?
Carol is so like “I could like you except you are so fundamentally opposed to all the things I love”
Her son has fled it looks like
Oh I see, he got the food
Oh no, what has he done
Bestie you are the worstie
Oh god
Wow dude come on why would you do it
Oh Jesus Christ
I mean, seriously, why would you do something for the spectacular without your co-chair
Oh boy principal, nice one
You definitely did, you were embarrassing
I suppose he is trying, more than Carol
The tree is already lit… just saying
This is the best attended Christmas event in any movie so far
Oh no!!
Terry is gonna be able to fix it
Yay Terry!
Oops he lit it for them
That’s a pretty lush tree I will say
WOW really!? No kid is ever gonna high five an adult for fixing the Christmas lights
Definitely not two kids
I do feel bad for her
This is the thing, it’s not that she’s mad at him, it’s just that it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth
I need a counter for “its a date, oh, not a date!”
It’s not the most chemistry laden couple but it’s not had
What is that!?
What!? She’s here for a meeting girl, not to cook your dinner
Oh boy dude….
Oh Carol, you’re too cute really
14 year olds flirting over Christmas decorating is cute but lame
Oh yeah garlic
There are more vegetables on that counter than there were before
It doesn’t simmer if it’s not liquid surely, I don’t think
What is it? What did they make?
Oh bless him, he’s so cute
Man I am so glad I wasn’t around when either of my parents were meeting new people
Oh he’s taking her for a tree, sweet
You already bought her one though…
Just because she gave it away
Croissants and juice for breakfast, yummy
These singers are better than some in A Song for Christmas
Too fast
Don’t talk through her recital
Poor lass
Oh bless her
They weren’t listening at all, how did she not notice?
Real estate people are bad people, just saying
Anyone who says “sweet we can knock down a public library early” is a bad person
“You can’t save what doesn’t exist” that’s so corrupt
He’s such a dear lad
It seems really underdecorated
Poor girl, he needs to leave his job and not leave her hanging
I do not remember her name at all
You’ve only just apologised of course she’s still mad
Amelia! You poor thing x
Hahaha she does have a halo doesn’t she
She has to put her energy into something so she doesn’t have to think about it
Hahaha, crock pot is exactly what their family needs
People need to talk to their kids more, communication is so important
Surely what’s best is working so he can raise money to keep you get?
Because it’s a library! Libraries are important!
Plus, first building of the town
Library is more important than a hotel, sorry mate
Oh, he looks like he’s actually tearing up
What a cutie
Ok, that’s a bit much
I definitely see the relationship getting to the “I’ve realised I like having someone else around” point but it’s not there yet
Well, except it is because they decided to make it so
Is he trying to come up with a way to keep the library and build a hotel as well
Haha she is cute
It should have been his decision, you should have promoted him years ago
They’re such scummy people though
Christmas cookies!
Hah, bless
As she was so excited!
It’s good when people are honest!
So he’ll be here for a year at least!
Oh god, so there’s a time limit on their love already
Ooof savage bestie
That sounds horrendous
He’s gonna play in the spectacular!
I love this bonding, so cute
Haha that was adorkable
Haha i love that XD
Oh no, something bad is gonna happen
Oh no, he might get promoted soon
He’s busy!
Oh wow, ticking time bomb
He’s gonna realise while in traffic that he was wrong
Poor Amelia
Come on maaaaaan
They’re not even here yet?
Pocket watch, how cute Carol
You know this is wrong Terry
You’re standing in front of people Carol
Don’t out your phone down!
You’ve got a job to do
Oh, was she videoing for Terry
Haha Nelson!!
Yay Terry!!
He dress is a little kiddie
Called it, nice one kid
Oh nice, he’s become a renovater!
Hahaha embarrassed kids cute

This was a nice movie. The banter between the main characters was supposed to pass for chemistry which it didn’t quite, but I appreciate they only have 1.5 hours to shoehorn it all in. It had a LOT of points of conflict between our couple which was kind of fun. Just a nice little movie.