Movie Review: Christmas at Grand Valley – 12 Points

Struggling artist Kelly returns to her hometown for the Christmas holiday and becomes involved in an effort to save the town’s beloved lodge from the wrecking ball. She finds herself falling for the man sent to decide the fate of the lodge.

I like this big band rendition of Winter Wonderland
We stan a diner dad! (A Christmas Prince) he’s a sweetie
Why bother having this meeting to not have a real conversation?
In so many movies it’s clear that they’ve done re-dos of the vocals
I wish they had here, so echo-y
Secret handshakes are the MOST AWKWARD
¬_¬ come on Jerry
I love these breakfast bar chairs
I’ve watched a lot of movies recently where I’ve not cared a fig for any of the characters
Well done this movie for not being one of those!
I like her cousin, he’s good people
Nice kids 🙂
These kids are emoting more than the woman in Beverly Hills Christmas
How old are they kids?
Have they never seen a christmas tree before…
I love Max with his flailing arms all the time
Wow she’s just suddenly flip out, wtf
Jesus Christ! Even Mike…her cousin? Isn’t flipping out, and yeah, he didn’t lie or anything
Girl, you mishandled this one
And it’s not very professional to treat a guest like that
The thing is though – he hasn’t *come to close the lodge*
He’s come to review it, see what can be done, but by not telling her he’s perpetuating the problem
Have I watched too many movies?
Now he’s just being a dick *sigh*
Is the problem Kelly?
It’s the previous manager’s fault…
What are those two kids in the back doing? Were they told they’d have a snowman digitally added? They’re just smushing snow from hand to hand
Their interactions are just so cringe
Oh wow… would it though?
Also, he’s playing with his kids, don’t give him grief
That is a good picture, very charming snowman
I like Vera, she’s sassy
I think I need to watch an actual Hallmark movie, I’ve watched too many knock offs and they’re making my eyes bleed
I’d have appreciated the romance discussion but the thing about the car was so weird
Christmas pancakes sound amazing, please Frank, be my step-dad
Oh my god Kelly calm the fuck down
I think you already did
They look like regular pancakes but with strawberries
That wasn’t a diss Kelly, chill out
It grinds my gears when people ask people to consider things other than their job
Also, this stomping away bit is getting tired
Mike is hella into you girl
God I’m so bad at names
“You gotta come!” well then Max
OK, so those pancakes must have been decorated to look like Santa but that scene was cut?
Those log walls don’t look real at all
Turns out he’s not a jackass and you’re mean for misjudging him
Liz is checking them out and Mike is checking Liz out
If I don’t have some smooches soon Imma be mad
Mike is not wearing that cardigan as well as Nick in A Cinderella Christmas
Gonna have to make the numbers work for you Mike
So I genuinely didn’t recognise this song, I thought it was a knock-off
That was the dumbest thing I ever saw…
Danica McKellar always sounds like she needs a throat sweet
Vera, you cockblocker – do you have whisky in that cup? I think you do!
Max looks like an old man
Don’t do faces ever again Kelly, it looks bad
WHOA, that’s a big question Kelly
Oh, they put their entire trees in the street!
OK, that is different, my bad
All that gesticulating Max
And now we know what Christmas pancakes look like!
Frank, you’re such a peach
Oh shit, Illinois is REAL far from Wyoming – that’s not a very doable distance
From a souvenir shop? Skates from a souvenir shop!?
I want to find out if they knew each other briefly as kids
Waheyyyyyy, Mike and Liz!
Don’t start a date with “I hope this isn’t a mistake” *sigh*
Just be two adults having a nice time and see what happens
I have no idea what his name is. Why am I so so bad with names? I’m gonna blame it on watching too many movies >_>
Lucy?! I thought they’d been saying ‘Liz’ this legit whole time
That was seriously profound Frank my boy
Yeah Kelly! Own your skills! Be proud
Yeah! Vera telling her to be proud \o/
We love it
Damn it Jerry, kiss ass
I mean, they can still Christmas in Grand Valley… just maybe not at the lodge
I hate these movies where the people are like “just get a new job – Christmas magic will ensure you can still eat!”
I wondered about whether this might happen, if he might buy it or something
Why? Why does she need to be in Chicago asap?
Oh nooooo
I mean, she doesn’t need to be in Chicago the whole time though surely?
Why does she have to? That seems weird
Why ruin Christmas, no point making issues
These kids are so cute
Oh Max, you’re killing me
I love these kids so much
Awww Emma!
There you go girl!
Leo! I think they just don’t use it that often
Yaaaaay \o/
Yay for Lucy and Mike 😀
That elf is hella creepy

Bit of a weird note to end on but believe me, if you watch this movie, you’ll be left feeling that too. This was pretty cute and enjoyable enough. Not a stand out but not bad either. Wouldn’t turn it off but wouldn’t put it back on – you know? Our main character Kelly got in her own way a lot but it was mostly fine.