Movie Review: A Cinderella Christmas – 13 Points

Angie works hard to run her uncle’s business, while her cousin Candace takes the credit. In exchange for ownership of the business, Angie helps Candace get an invitation to the Christmasquerade Ball, but when Candace gets sick, Angie goes in her place, and falls in love with Nicholas. Angie becomes torn between either losing the business she’s worked so hard for or losing the love of her life.

Please tell me she’s baking for a shop or a party…
Aha, event planners!
Also, goddamn I do already hate Candace
Why would you tell her that!?
I do get annoyed by Cinderellas who are dumb as shit though
She’s a bit of a drip…
What the everliving fuck Candace
If Cinderella ends up with this man I will be so mad – what even is her name again?
But like, so easily swayed by the pretty lady who just immediately says yes – you’re a dumbass and I hate you
Oh man, he *is* gonna be the guy
So, here’s the thing numbnuts – if you swoon at the first sight of a pretty girl without putting any thought or effort into talking to her or getting the real scoop (i.e. noticing the OTHER GIRL IN THE ROOM) then maybe you *would* find a girl who likes you for you
But you don’t seem to be putting much effort into finding a girl you actually like, so why are you surprised they don’t care about you as a person?
You can’t be a shallow man who gets annoyed by only meeting shallow women, I mean you can, but it makes you a dick
“I know you’re not against gender equality in the workplace” I seeee, this film has a messaaaaage
Also, now we’re supposed to think he’s a good guy because he promotes gender equality but is thwarted
He’s still a sleaze though
It’s nice having a flip on the ‘you’ve got to be married to have value’ though – he’s not allowed to progress career wise because his *parents* need him to be married
His mum is amusingly savage though
Loving this best friend – PREACH
We do love when the hero gets called on his nonsense though
Angie I am so disappointed in you at being overwhelmed by his chest – get your business brain on girl
The netting on the stocking looks a bit tacky but the dress and mask are lovely
Love the fairy god mother and she looks brilliant
Oh this is much better
I have such a bad feeling about this…
OK, so she’s just gonna introduce herself has Candace I guess?
This ball is pretty magnificent I gotta say
Is that a legit tower or a fake tower?
This is such a cute idea BUT her stocking looks like her dress, it should be so obvious
Is it dirty? It looked dirty
Has she actually looked in it?
I’m glad they didn’t pretend the stocking wasn’t a massive hint
Oh god, that was so cheesy oh my god, we’re 25 minutes in!
I feel like there should be more “Is this yours?” Even if not between Angie and Nicholas, at least with other people – like, no one even moved towards the tree at all? There was 0 interest in the game
Oh ho ho why would you slag off the host – even if it’s not the man you danced with
OK, Angie has more class than, but still
She’s such a drip, really, this is awkward
This is a bit much, ugggh
OK, so more people are looking at stockings now
When do they look in stockings?!
Oh my poor little rich lamb, your mummy wants you to get married – maybe stop flirting with any boobs that move and you might have a better chance
So privileged
That said, I do like that the thing they’re bonding over is being hard working, diligent people – seems more reasonable than a lot of things
“I’m just a girl who’s trying to be brave”
Damnit Max, such a cockblocker
Why would she take the mask off within sight of the building!?
So is he going to have to work out who she is based on the things inside? The things they put in better be relevant or am I just fixating?
Oh thank god
That rabbit is a cutey
People need to look where they’re going
Bumping into each other is the worst meetcute
I don’t know if it’s my age, but a man in a cardigan is a nice look
He’s hiring them for his wedding in order to flush the girl out, that’s pretty clever
Fucking hell Nick, you are the most stupid
I love non-drip Angie!
I mean, he did recognise her, then he realised she was ‘the help’ and dismissed her
Like a cretin
Such a scumbag
Has he suddenly realised it might be her? And is get gonna apologise for being a pompous ass? That’s what I want to know
We stan bunny pooping on his face though, on the magazines anyway
Because you already told him you weren’t there Candace…
But he knows you weren’t there Candace!?
Just…just no change of situation – no conversation, he just suddenly realised it was her and isn’t gonna be snotty about it anymore
Is that a nudge!? That’s a straight up – THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT
This movie is distinctly lacking in subtlety
Is he seriously gonna think it was her?!?
Where has his mum been these last couple of days?
And wtf is Candace wearing? She looks like a clown
Seriously, Nick is only just realising she’s not the one, how did he think she was
Angie, you’d be better off not marrying this idiot
Oh no, now Angie thinks he’s getting married not because he loves the girl
I mean, it’s clear he likes Angie, why is he following through with Candace
I love “oh holy night” as a christmas swear!
He still hasn’t figured it out
As one of Angie’s friends said “He’s not the brightest bulb on the string”
Come oooon Nicholaus
I mean, he tried to kiss you a second ago and you moved away
HE’S SO DUMB, work it out already
Also, if you don’t love her now even if you thought you did at the ball, like it’s been two weeks
Just change your mind
You are allowed, you know that right?
It’s been 20 minutes and he still hasn’t figured it out
(20 minutes and TWO WEEKS)
Otto, the uncle, is also the dumbest
I can’t believe he’s only just looking in the stocking
Ah! The reference to the international restaurant has finally become relevant
ZELDA DOESN’T KNOW CANDACE’S NAME!? Or is she just being coy?!
The picture even says Jenny on the back XD
Oh damn, girls
Angie, why aren’t you banging on the door!?
Ooh yes mummy dearest, speaking the truths
Is that a fucking apology?
It’s not one yet
Uuuugh, she does not deserve your forgiveness
At least he admits he was dumb – please tell me she’s gonna say how Candace blackmailed her!?
Yeah, and you only wanted their bodies, don’t push this off on them
Just some random small kids…
I love that Otto was allowed to wear his Santa costume
Zelda caught that Candace, stop STEALING FROM PEOPLE OMFG

This movie got a ‘bonus’ negative point for Nicholaus being so dumb it drove me crazy. So… there’s that. I dunno, this movie really ground my gears because they wanted to make Nick be forward thinking and wanting ‘gender equality’ but at the same time it was somehow never his fault that he kept getting caught up with women who only wanted his money. It was always their fault, when he couldn’t even recognise Angie from one day to the next. To reference A Christmas Prince – Richard was this mysterious man but he was actually helping orphans in Cuba, or being part of rebuilding efforts or whatever. Not just “oh it’s not *my* fault I keep getting into scandals with one girlfriend after another”. And then he had the gall to say “you’re different, so I’ll be different” to Angie, like, no. Maybe grow a personality, don’t just be led by the woman you’re currently banging. Ugh.