Pumpkin Pie Wars – 11 points

We have scoring now! I’ll do a post on scores and go back and score the others. I know this has a low seeming score and I might add some extra points so it scores higher but I actually straight up enjoyed this movie. There were some cringe moments but it was pretty silly and cute and I wanted things to turn out well for everyone. Also, I will get better at taking reduced notes – more like when only totally ridiculous things happen not just blow by blow commentary.

In which two people inherit their mothers’ feud and have to enter a baking competition to prove which family is the better bake.

Starts with pumpkins, food start

Alrighty we have presumably the mothers of our protagonists, bitchy (ex-)friends

“My father’s decision)

Oooh this is bad

“Pipe dreams don’t mean I have to stick with you my best friend”

There we go, it’s War

Aww, the hubbies can’t be friends anymore

Oh! It was 10 years ago

These are some tasty ass looking cakes

How big this this building? It seems massive

Casey is a modern girl

So, the mother has broken her leg (I guess)

Dad suggests daughter bakes, it seems there is baking back story – ooh fuck the bake off

Daughter is gonna have to do the bake off “4.0 at school equals baking success even if you burned it

down, plus I believe in you”

I agree with her dad, “he’s cute”

Ah, ankle.

Prediction – Lydia (the traitor) has a son and she hurts herself and he has to bake

Our girl is suddenly excited about this?

Her parents are cute

These notes aren’t gonna be making sense, sorry

Ooh, we’re at the other bakery

The son is trying to change things

Lol she sneaks Faye’s scones

Why is she googling pumpkin pie recipes when the WHOLE POINT is that she can learn her Grandma’s recipe?

Ooh Lydia, sneaky cow, making bargains. Well played Sam, well played

This is so the same footage from the beginning

What if they don’t make a good pumpkin bread? What if more than 12 people enter? If the wars is happening so early – what is the rest of this movie about?

Awww, our girl is stressed about the threat – sorry  I don’t remember her name

I don’t think teaching how to make a pie is stopping her foot from healing

A meet-cute, with threats, good fun. “Burden you with actual facts” – what is that about? And then “Outside the box is where I live and breathe”

Her mum legit has no faith in her, And we know why, oh girl – you are bad at this

Awww, our boy is here to sass, this is so cringe.

“Age-old” – “ten years” – what is this

I wanna smack their heads into the pumpkins

“Nothing is more important than our family business” – famous last words

Prediction: they decide to go into business together as a bakery and restaurant duo

How can you make something that tastes like cement?

Yay Sam, come to save the day, Twice she’s burnt a pumpkin

Ooh now he’s fessing up his plans

N’awww they’re helping each other, it’s so cute they’re going to help

So cunning, sneaky little second generations

Late night baking, just get us some candles

Does she even have a cast?

Could you be more conspicuous Sam? I don’t think you’re trying hard enough

Oldest trick in the book…

We’ll just stop here with half made pumpkin bread and leave the oven on!?!?!?! WHAT!?!?!

Oh, apparently you leave the oven on over night – that’s not weird

Ah, the hubbies are still friends


Oh my god, worst actress ever, although maybe not, stupidest sister ever maybe?

“You’re really good at this thing that you spent years at college studying to do”

You know it was only 10 years ago right? And you’ve clearly been graduated a few years ago so you’ve only be there since you were in your teens – how can you say this bakery is home?!

Ooooh the sparks! They are a flying’

What is it with just leaving shit around, I don’t need to turn my laptop off

Lol, wait, are they on the final already? How does this competition work, oh no, it’s the prelims

60 minutes isn’t very long to make something

I hope the gal in the middle beats them both

Group 3? Started at 10? What?

Jeez Lydia, you can’t attack a lady on crutches

What, how did they disappear into the vines, what? This is absurd! How much this girl eat? She was eating with her niece and now again. They are soooo lame, dorks >_<

Yay Betty!

Poor Gail 🙁 Don’t worry Gail, next year is your year!

They’re being so obvious, ooh they’ve been spotted

I mean, he did say wine, so you can say date because it’s so obvious

You were literally just talking about her son “I don’t hear from them much” what?? It’s the fluff that is most ridiculous

Oooh, surprises are totally a super good idea, definitely the thing you should do

“All the way to the final” literally only one round

Why did I not buy pumpkin pie before I started started to watch this

KISS KISS KISS Go oooonnnnn

Fried goat cheese Mac and cheese – oh man that sounds amaze

That looks legit raw, it is, it’s raw – oh OK, it’s supposed to be bad – for movie reasons

Lesson though kids: don’t drink and bake

And don’t look like you haven’t slept all night in daylight – morning baking starts at 6am not when all the other shops are open – what is this, why are you hugging what oh man, dads have seen them

Lol, they had illicit friendship this whole time XD That’s so sweet, lol @ the dads

What are those, they look awful, like eye balls

Such a possessive mom, you deserve that mom


What is this, how did he, what even – Did he leave her in the car, set up some hot food, then go fetch her? What!?!?!


Yaaaaaaay. Genuinely rooting for these two kids

Her sister is p. Great

Oh no, the business 🙁 That’s sad 🙁

But my prediction is one of the bakeries becomes a restaurant

Awww mom, being good, awww Casey being determined

Wtf is up with Betty? What was that about? Oh my god, she totally stole her recipe didn’t she omfg! Betty you cow!

Wait, who is her mom teaching to pumpkin if they’re teaching her niece to carve a pumpkin

Hmmmm, Betty, I’m suspicious of you – either she stole the recipe or she found proof of them having a little thing

That is such an obvious place to “hide”

Betty knows, what are you gonna do, she dobbed them in – Betty you cow

And her mom’s a cow again

Betty is the spy!!!! How can you think Casey is the spy

Oh man, and now Alisa has overheard *that* “Not exactly what he said” – HE SAID NOTHING

Fuck off mother, oh ok, sister, kind of supporting her sister, but also dobbing in, what is this? Why did you even say front of your mom anyway?

Still bonus points for  talking things out like grown ups

And Betty is the biggest thief of all, her friends need to realise she’s the back stabbing cow

That’s totally shite, oh my god “she’s my friend” – you could believe that Lydia was a back stabber, why not Betty?

Oooh, becoming buddies and getting their own backs on on Betty, yes, I love it. STAB HER IN THE BACK THE TRAITOR

They’re gonna win as a team \o/ woo! I’m in!

This is so cute, I am so behind this recipe and this movie

Cannot wait for the reveal of the hubbies being friends

Awwwww the reconciliation, it’s so beautiful and touching

All the feels – I feel all gooey

Of course the Cold War ended, we have to join forces and fight Betty the backstabber

Oh my god that pie looks delish – PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE PIE?!?!?! SIGN ME UP.

More legal than being a thief


Yeah Betty, handwriting sample, “I just wanted to win one time” – not a good excuse

Awww and they’re kissing

Awwww they’re married <3

Knew it, turned The Sweet Factory to restaurant/bakery and I guess we don’t know what happened to the other one?



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