Autumn Dreams – 14 points

Autumn Dreams

Autumn Dreams is a Hallmark movie available on Netflix. Two young sweethearts get married but it doesn’t work out and down the line we’ll see what happens – is me paraphrasing the blurb. This is a super long post, I’m really sorry.

So this is quaint already, and so idyllic. What a rustic barn.

Oooh, we’re meeting a young man first, ah, young people in love

Ahh, this is a flashback

Bossy dad, “you’ll always be my little girl” – okidoke then

OK, very much “farm owners and their lowly farmhands”

Older brother, seems butthurt. Are they gonna run away? Don’t read the note Joe, don’t do it.

They’re getting married in the middle of the night (well 8pm)

Uh oh, daddy’s here. Oh my god, is he going to make them get it annulled. What the hell. What the actual hell. You shouldn’t prove anything to that control freak father.

Aha, modern time, 15 years later.

We’re only 5 minutes in.

Is she marrying the older brother? What?!

“Fall’s my favourite time of year’” I guess that’s why we’re here now then.

“Your father would have been so proud” – your father was a butt Annie.

Pretty sure she’s lying about the grant, to her fiancé and mother, oh wait, a divorce paper? What?!

What is happening!?

Well she was lying I suppose, but for something else. Hoo boy. Why didn’t her dad file the papers. What the fuck dad.

This movie already has me so messed up.

“At least you’ll get to see New York” – where you wanted to move with your new husband.

Inb4 Ben is a hottie.

Kind of a hottie.

Why are they hugging when they’re here to get divorced, he seemed to be surprised to see her?

What’s that “wow” about, Tony, what?

Why is he doing? Why is he so friendly? WHAT!? Why does he smile so much when he see her?

So Ben is is getting married too. Probably to that lady in the elevator.

Oh, they weren’t brothers. That’s less weird. Just friends.

What is his accent?

What is the time difference between NY and Iowa? ‘Cos it was afternoon when she left the cafe.

Bingo. It was her from the elevator.

She’s rebuilding his whole house :O They are doing a good job of making her a bitch, it’s not her fault.  He doesn’t even LOOK that into her. Like, why did you propose.

“Surprise!” – coffee I made in my hotel room. Hector you’re a kiss ass. Hector are you trying to set them up? Why are you painting a glorious vision of Ben.

Why does the lawyer have beef with the judge. What? Now they’re having beef. You can’t leave the courtroom. They need to come back in a week. She’s being a cow. Why?

Oof, her dad had a heart attack when he was catching the bus.  Her dad stopped her letters and calls. Anyone feeling The Notebook.

Why are you both forgiving him. Even though he’s dead.

Gervana? Is that a name?

Ben, stop being awkward. He’s gonna be in trouble.

Why can’t they just get an annulment.

No, Tony, this is a bad idea. Fake wedding certificates.

Ben don’t invite her to wedding. Don’t do it.

Tony you are weird but I kind of love you. “I’ll get you a plant”.

That’s not exactly her own office. No double dating, what is WRONG with you Tony?

Gervana, don’t be mean. Ben, don’t be so in love with with Annie. Ah, they now are connecting over weddings. Annie is so terrified bless her.

Is that a blazer-hoody combination? No. Oh well.

Goodness Gervana is a control freak. Annie is a marshmallow princess.

Guesses: either a) Annie stays with Joe and Ben with Gervana

B) Annie and Ben get together.

I realise those are obvious because those are the only two choices but usually you know the main two will end up together. But I feel like there’s a possibility they won’t.

Gervana you are super cute now. Why did Annie call Ben? Why didn’t she call Joe? Weirdness.

Is she now going to buy another dress, what is this?

Finally fiances kiss on the mouth. I dunno, it’s always an indication of not love.

Gervana is going away so clearly Ben and Annie are gonna hang out these next few days.

OK, Gervana invited her to the wedding – now it’s cute.

So many notes this time guys, I’m sorry. This is an intense movie.

I mean there’s 406 other people at this wedding I think she’ll get by.

And they’re going out to dinner. Why does he keep touching her.

“As you wish” – what are you? Cary Elwes? The Dread Pirate Roberts?

I like this flip of the big city boy and cute small town girl.

“I’m just a country boy in a designer suit”

Why *are* you trying to impress her? It’s weird. Don’t say “for us”. You’re making it weird. Why is your  hand on her back.

Hector you’re so cute.

So wait, her dad had a heart attack and STILL kept his letters and calls from her. What a douche.

I also covertly did the books for your dad. So now I can be an awesome investor person.

I think Ben is gonna fall for Annie before she falls for him.

“It’s all over me isn’t it?” She’s barely taken a bite. Oh man, it’s their song. Don’t dance, don’t do it. OK, soda, good call. No dancing. Phew.

Hector you gooey eyed match maker you.

How are they having a picnic? What time of day is it? Presumably it’s lunch. So… it’s like Wednesday, he’s just taking time off, slumming it. Stop flirting with her you weirdo.

How has it been perfect? What about it? Being away from your fiancé, trying to get divorced, you guys are weird.

Oooh she did buy that dress. She looks lovely though. Still carrying her leather satchel bag thing though.

Does everyone from Gramby play piano?

New prediction: they probably will get together but who will move? Because they seem pretty happy with the things they’re doing. Maybe Ben will decide to be more firm with Gervana and she’ll actually like it?

Annie is a nerd, love it. Ben says “that’s beautiful” he totally wasn’t understanding her.

Ah, Ben will leave to go back to the farm.

She’s not going to be back in your life for long – she shouldn’t be. Stand firm Annie though your dad chose your life for you. At least you stick to your guns and are not morally corrupt.. Corrupt is the wrong word but you know what I mean.

Good ole Hector.

He’s right that she should stay until Monday because, you know, otherwise she can’t get divorced. But Hector sounds like a fortune telling elf from a Christmas movie. Poor Gervana. She’s so lovely.

Oh no, don’t say “take thee Annie” please don’t do it. (He didn’t)

Stop looking at Annie. Annie, you can’t walk out when you’re one of five people there.

“Hey, Joe.” A storm. Ruh-roh. She can’t stay, Ben. Don’t make her stay, you’re being a shit.

Oh my god. Is he breaking up with Gervana? Oh my god. Also, no way she would have been able to fly home with that weather. Just saying.

How did she get back so soon!?

Oof, they broke up. Poor Gervana. Oh, it’s Jovanna, sorry Jovanna. At least Ben did the honest thing.

Phew, crops are safe, thesis project is safe. Moms are such pryers.

So her dad nearly lost the farm except that Ben helped him with the books. And he STILL didn’t let her go with a man who could definitely provide for her. What a total douche.

Why is the judge so mean? If this was a Christmas movie Hector and the judge would be elves conspiring to bring two lost loves together. Tony is too.

Joe is about to call off the wedding, I reckon. He realises she’s not in love with him.

Oh boy, how did he find out that they were married. Who told him? He’s so sweet, but Annie is gonna say she doesn’t want to be a well oiled machine.

Literally said what I typed.

Poor Joe, send him to Jovanna. I bet he’d make her happy on a smaller budget.

“Where are you going?” You just broke up with him, he’s allowed to storm off.

Hector’s pouring drinks like the happy elf he is. Hector is basically Joe from The Princess Diaries.

Haha, get a divorce settlement XD I don’t know if that’s what’s gonna happen but I think he legally could.

She’s still wearing her engagement ring?

Let’s go harvest some corn, fun times.

And Ben is off to see Annie. Why is Hector coming!? What!? Not that I don’t love him but what a strange dynamic they have.

Ben is not going to be happy. Calling it. Poor Joe. 🙁 Boy, Ben looks out of place. He hasn’t even got boots on. Don’t make a cheesy announcement, don’t do it. Oh it’s their song. Oh man. Such cheese.

Awww, there’s hope for Joe yet. But what about Jovanna, I want her to be happy too.

A grant from the “I believe you” foundation.

Poor Tony. Bless him.

That is not the dress she was wearing in the shop.

Poor preacher.

So that was that. It wasn’t bad to be honest. There were times when I genuinely thought they might stay with their original partners, it was kind of nice that they weren’t just definitely gonna be together. Only almost definitely. Sorry for the length.



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