Movie Review: Very Very Valentine – 10 Points

When florist Helen, played by Danica McKellar, meets a dreamy mystery man, played by Damon Runyon, at a masquerade ball, she and her friend Henry (Cameron Mathison) set out to find him.

Cake maker, i reckon, or florist

Ding ding florist

Who is Henry

Ah, the good old contrived competition

“Bee friendly” bless her

What have you got to lose, yes… Amy or whatever your

Henry is cute, I like him

I hope he’s the guy

Come on Helen, lighten up

Yes I love her girlfriends aka fairy godmother aka colleagues

I dunno, that story makes one of you sound pretty stupid

Ding ding dead parent or parents


Wait, who is this lady!? Her grandmother? Aunt?

This whole thing about brave parents always gets said, what does that even mean.

Why isn’t she wearing her mask

She’s gonna call in love with Henry whole he’s masked

Oh, no she’s gonna meet someone else

Legit everyone is wearing a mask

Where is hers

Debutante is when a lady is first shown to her fancy rich peers

Handy he has another mask

A super fancy one instead of his shitty plastic one

She’s the aunt

It’ll be easy to find her in that beautiful dress.

Oh noes, the botanic gardens are in trouble:O

Mr Carlisle go away

Silent auction surely means you Don’t know how much people offered, literally the point

Died when Helen was a kid, double points

Why is she not telling him where she works 

THAT was weird

Good girl

Even if I want you to be with Henry I still want you to have a good time

Dead dad As well

Why is she so awkward, what is this

Oh no, competitive bidding, which is exactly what can’t happen at a silent auction

Good old mystery man

9 already?? A Prince? It’s always a prince

Henry is gutted, bless him

I don’t know what is is because I’m weird and awkward as fuck

Better not have been that bitch

I’ll get her

Poor Henry

Us this get house, how do they alwats have fabulous homes

Beth is her name and I love her

Okay, she’s a but keen, but I still love her

Art museum at the botanical gardens?? Or did they go to the met, probably the met

Awww Henry helping her out

I like this guy, I hope he turns up again

I’m glad she has such job satisfaction

Two movies in a row with happy florists

Good to know if I want to change direction 

I know it’s January but that rose does not look healthy, probably because she’s forcing it to flower in January 

Yesssssss Henry

You don’t know that!

Yes aunt Carol, dropping some wisdom

Oh Henry, you legend

He has enough cheekbone for two people

Very pointy nose 

Lulz, that doesn’t surprise me much

Not a prince, but then why did he curfew and a bodyguard or whatever

Just call it mystery rose, not a bad name

Ew not heartbeat rose

Hmmmm, how are we gonna resolve this, does she win a million dollars for her rose and she donates it to the gardens 

Or Charles bradfield is gonna donate I guess

Just call it Mystery Rose

Ugh Helen, such a wuss

Beth you pushy wonder you

Henry you matchmaker, you are so perfect for Helen

He is too cute 


Oh Henry 


I love him so much, this Charles guy can just give all his money to the gardens and bugger off

That rose is ridiculous and unhealthy looking 

Crystal Valentine!? O_o

He’s gutted bless 

Oh noooo, don’t do this Henry

Charles better give money!!!

This house is huge and ridiculous 

Aha, the veneer comes off, but snooty

Gosh, her family do not know when to back off,  obviously she took it up to get on with him

OK, good, she and Henry will end up together because he knows what she loves and hates and Charles is a dick

What is that stuff on the ceiling!?


Awww Henry, you’re such a peach 

IS Beth gonna fall for Henry and Helen is gonna get jealous

Yup, that’s what will happen

Pooooor henry

Yup big jealous 

Except Beth is gonna realise he’s in love with Helen

Oh Henry didn’t even realise?

OK, he did know, silly boy

So I was interrupted before I finished this and totally forgot to finish at a later date but thanks to the brilliant reviewer over at I was able to see that yes, Harry and Helen get together and everything is wonderful.

Definitely a goody this one – do recommend.



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