Movie Review: Valentine’s Again – 12 Points

Katherine endures the worst Valentine’s Day date of her life. On her way home a g*psy casts a magical spell on her. The next morning she soon realizes she’s reliving the day until she finds Mr Right. *

Is that a repeat Valentine’s day? 

Previous couple now recoupling?

Ooops, typing instead reading the texts


Weirdo, this movie is not starting well

And this guy!?

Does everyone have a crush on het?

Also, is she supposed to be a knock of Cameron Diaz

Even that dog owner woman loves her!

This lady’s a cow! Maybe people have dietary need

What a judgmental bitch 

I like her assistant though 

She better get more likeable during this movie 

“Le chat qui mange bien” dumb name

She a gonna find a chill dude who’s gonna make her realise she’s too high strung

She’s literally Cameron Diaz’s character from The Holiday 

He’s not gonna be everything she wants

Calling it now

Also, this movie is so judgmental about internet dating and cat owning


Can’t decide if she’s gonna fuck it up or ace it

This guys a douche but also, this is a bit simplistic

Okay, she’s fucking it up

She’s gonna be fired isn’t She!?

Okay, phew 

Oh shit, she’s got a date with a stranger on Valentine’s and she’s ditching her dad

Also, you called a man you never met your soul mate but you can’t give your dad that benefit of the doubt 

Hah, gonna be allergic to dogs

That’s a shit joke

Talking about kids on first date, ugh, they’re so weird 

I mean, yeah, it’s weird

I really don’t care for either of them

Ruh roh

He’s allergic or terrified

Heartless and allergic

He’s not gonna come back is he

He left he with the bill, douche 

Red leather gloves, who are you? Cruella

Go to your dad’s party, come on

Is a weird lady gonna be her match maker?

Is she now gonna date all the weirdos she saw today

My money is on coffee guy, least creep

Doorman guy, dog guy, yoga guy, coffee guy


It is, it’s GROUNDHOG day…

Please be coffee guy

How has she not worked it out yet 

So even with all the people mentioning it it took that mishap to realise

I’m glad mystery lady turned up

Also, why is she wearing the same outfit

Why is she still so perplexed!?

Oh, could be that guy. I forgot that guy.

Is it contagious!? Silly girl

Flower guy! That’s the other one, and it’s that guy

Oh jeez

Why does she have such a terrible accent

Marta is weird 

At least she gives more clues than the actual groundhog day

“I don’t believe you” dumb cow

Why would she say it again there!? Ugh.

Gender of cats!?

Oh my god I cannot believe this movie is PROMOTING genderification of food

This is so bullshit

If she knows the names of them all it’s gonna be flower guy

Kenneth is a bit intense eh?

Flower guy for sure!

Is he walking her dog for her?

Also, a bit intense and it’s very bright

Ah, he had a girlfriend 

You what!? What an arse

Is he saying her soul isn’t beautiful?

Man this guy is horrible

I mean, I don’t disagree with some of his statements

Also, how can she talk about how much she loves fish and not like her risotto?


Hey she stopped the mishap

Yay for coffee guy being fun 

Awww bless him, sensitive soul

Although weight training to get rid of bullies


Oh the rose thing is cute

Oh…. He’s a liar, I’m so sad.

Makes sense, all people call Josh can be kind of a douche

Hah is she gonna have left him


Awww she set up her friend. Where is this though? 


Come on,notice him

Oh, big notice 

Awww what a sweetie

Oh wow, he spotted her flowers and she hadn’t noticed him at all

I’m not saying Hugh Grant is wrong but the whole obsession with airports since love actually is ridiculous 

I thought he was taking her to the hospital!?

Oh I see, it was a quick break

Haha this fairy godmother is just rocking up everywhere

Also, is she counsellor troy from star trek

Try a different tactic girl

Oh… that flunked


Another new tactic, ooh with some traction 

What to do

Stalking is not the answer, don’t do that

Oh man, seriously.


Did she not even realise it was his party place

She didn’t realise


I love her dad

As what a cutie

Dad don’t make it weird

“And this is the first time I came to your fucking party” 

Clever dad

Oh yeah, I forgot he was giving flowers to the girl at the dog place

Oops awkward, should just say you’re a dog owner so you can recognise a dog owner


Called it, he’s a free spirit and she’s uptight 

Lol, yes Marta

Oh god that green thing

Is this every different day she’s shopping? How come the clothes stick around?

Nope, buying a dress every day

This pink one with pearls

How many takes did it take for her to get blue can of Tommy kitty boy cat gender nonsense tongue twister!?

Oh jeeeeez

She’s so done

How did he not notice the dog this whole time

Did she really think that’s was gonna work


I MEAN, I totally would tbh

Yeah, quit your job with no consequences!

People who go to airports only to watch people are creeps, there, I said it.

Oh no, today’s the day she’s gonna get it right and have no job tomorrow

Oh, it’s okay

Aww, she’s actually asking him about his life. That’s so good.

Time is passing, fuck off

Haha what was that look over his coffee cup

Uh, that was weird

OK, I’m so glad they didn’t actually believe in it

Do you think she knew he was gonna be there for that. I think not.

Hah, I didn’t expect he would apprentice her in flower delivery


Champagne on hand, clever boy

Oh boy, even though it’s sincere this time it’s SO cringe 


Hahahaha that’s a funny story

Her makeup line vs hairline!!

SERIOUSLY knock off Cameron Diaz 

Why would you cut him off!?



Ah snow, so romantic

Disappointed Marta didn’t wink 

\* I censored the word ‘g*psy’ because even though that is what the character is listed as in the *credits* it did not seem appropriate to do so here.

This was a bit of a silly one but ultimately nice.



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