Movie Review: A Christmas Tree Miracle – 9 Points

A warm-hearted Christmas Tale to remind us that in the holiday season, the best gifts in life are the simple ones , and that miracles do happen, if you believe.

Well this is a bit bloody dark
She’s an adorable little one
Did she forget her kid?
That’s adorable, what a sweetie
God this family is miserable
She’s right to be honest
If people pay him, he won’t care if people bitch about it
Wooow, that’s so unhappy of a picture
Her handwriting is too neat for a … small child
Why do they hate the girl that makes her son happy?
Everyone has been busy with the holidays, literally everyone
That’s a bad moustache
So sliiiiiimy
I don’t like either of these guys
Oh, oh boy, he’s too little for such a big sax anyway
“Deuce:!? Is that his name!?!?
Oh look at her…
None of her family cares :(Good for you girl
It is true, she’s too clever for you
You are the worst mom
Oh boy, who’s this – apart from one of the people at the desk
Ah, the senator’s wife
She’s nicer to this woman than her own daughter
She’s probably just waiting to stab her in the back
People who have real dietary needs must be pissed that soy milk has become part of snobby entitled bastards
I thought Oliver was a nice guy but he’s got to be a by-the-book dick
Wow, the dad wasn’t a douche
They keep doing these tiny little bits of nice things
Oh no, he’s being fired
He probably already knows how much it sucks
Don’t be a Karen David
Is he writing a ‘sorry your wife died’ note inside of a holiday card!? What a dick move
You shouldn’t have bought things with money you don’t have
If the presents are bought then why, later on, are they all butt hurt about no presents?
Do they get taken away
You shouldn’t have spoiled your kids, you reap what you sow
Oh… so everything is fine Christmas day? I misunderstood what this was about I guess XD
That car is nicer than the boy deserves
That’s not how church works
Oh Nina you’re breaking my heart
Oh I seeeeeee
Still no jobs?
Dude you are not trying hard enough
And is his wife not working? Come the fuck on
Yeah, and now your life is shit so you gotta sacrifice things
Seriously, at least work at a supermarket
Or tutoring
“Once I get a job” you’ve said that for six months mate
Pride is fucking your family over man
I mean yeah, that’s pretty fucking dumb, going on the holiday etc.
Just got a little snide thing in before saying “we’ll help”
Wow, Cindy, you’re still kind of a bitch
Manipulative much?
I love people having problems with technology – they were do dumb things
Nina I love you
Have they been lying to their kids for 6 months?
That’s not how phones work…
You should have talked to them months ago
I dunno who I stand with on that front
Some kids just needs a beating
Oh she’s such a peach
Seriously, come on, you could get some fucking work by now
What a bitch girlfriend
Oh Nina you cutie
“It’s not worth it” what was all that edgy bullshit
Where is that phone from?
Oh, he’s had it this whole time even though it doesn’t work?
3 days doesn’t seem like much notice o_O
Can they do that!?
Hah, I like his dad already
That pot would be way too hot to touch
I think you’re right Pappy
It’s not SO FAST
Yes Pappy! Tell it like it is
Oh shit, David you’re a dick
He hasn’t said he wouldn’t help you
True story Pappy
I mean yeah, none of you fucking like each other
Is it worth living like that?
Pride and lies
‘Cos you’re shallow self-centred arseholes
You don’t deserve such an angel
They should have rented out the house and lived somewhere little
Or sold it
Or not been so fucking proud jeez louise
He doesn’t deserve respect tbh
Off you fuck then
Kick him out
Yeah you twat, they’ve done some pretty stupid stuff but they don’t deserve that
Your kids are arseholes lady, I’m sorry
No one is gonna be emailing you surely
Hey Tessa, you’re a peach
Hahaha “you get used to it”
Fucking christ
Think it’s pretty fucking obvious
Aha, we’re getting one-good-deed thing
Ugh, so insincere, so cliquey
Hahaha the jacket makes a comeback
Wait, he was running last year?
Ungrateful shit
It’s literally your fault
Cowardly fucking bastard
Did he get stabbed in the fucking back!?
It’s fucking cold out, why would they be on the balcony?
You could be more polite
She’s too cute for words
Is that OK? Where’s the pastor or w/e
You just were creeping on people while they were sleeping
Oh boy, burn on Henry
Henry is hilarious
And quite adorable
Oh no, don’t be a shit David
I still think parents should be allowed to follow their kid
Who lives here? Does he live here?
Maybe he is Santa
I legit thought he was homeless…
So a six year old is just ~somewhere~
So… they lived within their means
David you’re scoping it out to be a dick
Intrepid little explorer
Is he just sniffing pine?
Return it 1500-fold
Henry you’re so excitable, it’s infectious
Oh god, David, don’t be a dick I’m so scared he’s gonna be a dick
I want that teeny tiny tree
Oh noooooooooooooooo don’t be a diiiiick David
You better get your arse kicked for it David
It’s trees, they keep themselves
He is fucking content
Yeah Henry, tell him
I hope David isn’t smiling because he’s gonna sell Henry’s land
Henry, gosh you’re so nice
Yeeeah kids learning the value of not-things
Some of this sound has been post-recorded
Oh no, the boy is gonna be in love with Tessa
I kinda wanted Natalie to be in love in Tessa
Oh no Henry 🙁
Oh Henry you’re gonna make me cry
I keep picking movies that make me cry
Oh Nina, I love you so much
Oh my god David, you’re being a bastard
Warehouses!? That’s so heartless
Oh my god, I’m so mad
It is pretty hard to believe what with you being so obnoxious
David you’re so insincere it makes me so angry
Turns out that kid is also a dick
Maybe, maybe not
What a nice guy
Ooooh an Ecology program
It’s quite cute, the fabric pattern is a bit weird
They haven’t done a good job
Oh Rosie, you were amazing
What a lovely story
Except David because he’s a DICK
Come on, have a turnaround before you try to sell-
Oh, you’re just going to get into it
Yeah, why can’t you
More than this!?
Hey! They’re happily eating spaghetti
Yeah Henry
Come on David, realise you’ve got a good thing, don’t try and sell his land
Oh Henry, are you naive or just optimistic
Yeah David, change your side
Fucking slimy bastard John Cutter
OK, David, What are you gonna do
Oh you’re in trouble
Oh my god, ‘fair share’ literally everything he owns
‘Greater good of the community’
Oh no, don’t be dead
Oh my god
Oh my god
I hope you left the farm to David so he can defend the land
I’m so scared
Although they won’t get his pension so probs couldn’t afford to stay I suppose
She’s too lovely
How did you get such a nice kid
Ohh a lawyer
Oh, he did leave them the farm!
Oh Henry
Oh my god Henry, as soon as they moved in!?
He didn’t even tell him he had a heart condition
He knew he was gonna die
Bloody hell Henry
David you gave him coffee on that day bless you
They’re gonna prove that the community values the trees
Yay for honesty! You’re still a scumbag
That he was gonna force an old man out
Slime ‘stache is here
It is actually a cute dress style
We don’t want any of your money
Oh Natalie
Ooooooh, yes Nina, win him over!
Oh wow, not a dick move
Who would have thought!?
Oh boy Nina, you precious little peach
Everyone is watching and appreciating for once!
Yay for Nina!
Get lost Slime ‘stache
He called her ‘Peewee’
Not how I thought it would fall out
Hahaha, Henry’s little thing stuck
She’s not worthless
Oh we’re gonna cut you up cutter
Hahaha yeah Cindy
I forgot she was a TV personality
Oh yeah! Go to that college
Stop creeping on Tessa Nick
Aww and Cindy and Julie making up
Bring Pappy over!
Is it a miracle if you promised it to yourself?
I love her so much!!
That’s pretty cute


A very low score though that’s mostly because it isn’t a romance so it didn’t pick up many romance points! I’m putting Nina as the Heroine and Henry as the Hero because they were the heroes of our hearts. Very sweet and quite watchable, Nina was brilliant and perfect. Fairly predictable in the way these movies are but that wasn’t really a downside and there were a couple of nailbiter moments when you’re not sure if there’s been any character growth. Also, these reviews are getting *pretty* long.

Love, Salixa