Christmas Movies I Won’t Finish

I didn’t think there would be any but then I hadn’t come across some of these movies. The list will probably be updated if more movies are unwatchable for any reason.

A Family for the Holidays

This is my thoughts on the very start but I’m not finishing it because it’s the second movie in a series and I don’t think I can get hold of the first one. It may not matter, but I have a lot of movies to watch so I don’t want to watch sequels I won’t understand…

So I’m super intrigued by this one. The blurb makes it sound like she’s pretending to be someone she isn’t? How is that even going to work!?
Oh man so many Reel One movies
That absolutely would not fit in that bag
How much stuff is she packing!?!?
Is that a good note PA lady?
What on earth?
Is this a sequel!?
I should check…
It is… maybe I won’t watch it. I’ve got too many too watched to add confusion to the mix

A New Christmas

I don’t know why this hit a level of cringe that I couldn’t watch, I don’t know if it was the sincerity of the moment that caused me to cringe but I couldn’t do it. I might come back to it in the future but the first time around I just noped out, as you can see; it didn’t take very long.

Ammo content!? Very romance and christmassy
This feels kind of sad already…
Two minutes in and nothing has happened… just singing
Well we start with a dude crying what is this movie!?
The camera is pretty shaky, is this an independent movie?
Is she his mum? Wife? Sister?
Not mother
Can’t do this (it was a flashback, he was remembering a time he walked in slow motion pretending to be in a timewarp so he couldn’t do the dishes – but still aged like 25 or something)

A Christmas Promise

I just…hated everyone, they were all miserable, there wasn’t one person where I cared if they were redeemed. I got ten minutes in and no one was interesting at all. When I had to step away for a moment I just couldn’t bring myself to hit play again.

“As stubborn as the horse you fell off” sassy, I like it
Is she all covered in dirt??
Oof wow, we’re getting right into the marrying thing
Why is her sister into it?!
What a christmas grinch
He looks like knock-off Rob Lowe (Chris from Parks and Rec)
He’s so miserable oh my god
So he’s gone from “I’m definitely not going” to “We’re here!”
“Look at the horse!”
I am so not remotely invested in either of their happiness
Why is she doing this? Wait… Does she think he was brought here to be set up with her?
WAS he brought here to be set up with her?!
If you’re the boss girl you should be listening in on accounting meetings, not being a stubborn woman
AAh yes, the majesty of the horse
So, this kid’s a dweeb, if you know someone has headphones in, you don’t talk as if they don’t
They are not making any of these people likeable – aren’t I supposed to like one of them so I watch the rest of the movie?
Oh no, this is sad 🙁
Why would he be aware? You are strangers…

Beverly Hills Christmas

I didn’t even make it 10 minutes into this. Everything was so wooden it’s clear she just made it for her and her daughter to become actresses in. There’s a sequel “This is Our Christmas” it seems, but it’s only tangentially related and I’m not going to bother.

These puppets are creepy, where is this and why!?
I do like the hot air balloons though
2 minutes in and nothing has happened…
Wow, this lady is *mean*
Wow what the fuck, that was fucking dramatic AND ridiculous
This guy isn’t very sympathetic
“That way” just being the sea
Wow, this actress is *terrible*
There is just no emoting at all
OK, so this lady, the actress, is also the producer, and her daughter plays the main character
They didn’t even change the daughter’s character’s name OR how it’s spelled: Ravin