Movie Review: The Rooftop Christmas Tree – 11 Points

Defense attorney Sarah Wright doesn’t know why her reclusive neighbor, Mr. Landis, places a lit Christmas tree on the roof every year, but he has hauled it up there for as long as anyone can remember and this violation of the town’s penal code puts him at risk for jail time. With only a few days until Christmas, Sarah agrees to represent Mr. Landis to settle the matter once and for all.
<this is a long one>
What perfectly ploughed roads they have. Such neat lines of snow
Is she… back for Christmas?
Ah yes!
These people look mostly the same age
They’re always lawyers
Oh, she’s moving home
Good for you girl!
Seriously, they could be her siblings
That’s gonna bother me all movie
Yes mate, do it at night, that’s a clever idea
Oof, that wasn’t very merry
Maybe it’s a tradition for some reason
Don’t be judgmental
Don’t shout at him when he’s on a roof!
I forgot your name and I refuse to learn it you’re so mean
You were all there and then you buggered off then came back…
Wow, he is not a happy man
Great job Dale!? Someone yelled that
People co-opting other people’s actions for their own stuff bug me
“You’re probably suffering a tragedy but thanks for making a tradition”
Fucking savage…
I appreciate the boat puns
What did that conversation mean!?
He’s an adorable old man, what a sweetie
That guy is a bit mean, I guess this happens every year?
The way American houses are laid out it wouldn’t make any difference, no other house is gonna burn down
Oh boy Dale 🙁
Poor old boy
Oh shit
If you put a Christmas tree on your roof you’re not doing it just because you like the way it looks
He’s lying you foolish people
If he owns the house and it’s not a danger (which I doubt) why does it matter?
Oh… plot. I remember.
Oh this is so sad
That is not even remotely secure…
Wow, that would be so off putting
Oh boy what a jackass
Tell the guy he cut the line!
Is he gonna call her kiddo every time so we think that he’s her dad
Nothing meaningful happens at any time other than Christmas
Oh wow, that’s a change!
Sure is… a table
Oh man… the dickhead
“Meeting like this” this is not the same
So judgmental girl
You got some SERIOUS issues
Proper relationship trauma
I mean, I’ve watched enough stuff with lawyers in to know it’s about winning and not about truth
Good for you though girl!
I’m amazed they still wanted you to stay at all then
Time to learn carpentry
He has no right to be disappointed in you!
Do quite like him though
Oh no, it’s this guy
What!? Why would you even?
What a waste of money
I know they’re just in the same sorts of places
But stop creeping on her
Ohhhh so you fibbed
You guys are way too loud for this cafe
Ooooof girl
Haven’t had one of those in a while
Oh gosh, he might be a real person
Maybe don’t judge people Sarah
This is actually really cute, as someone who’s lived a lot of places I can relate
Dale I’m worried about you on that path old boy
That sounds fantastic
Or maybe he doesn’t want to be in his empty house alone at christmas
They’re totes gonna eat the soup
I like these old boys
That sounds so official
Oh Dale, what’s going on
Oh man what the hell
It really isn’t
Plenty of people have stuff all over their roof
What if he just puts up there properly
Yeah Sarah! Be a righteous lawyer
Ooh that cut him deep
He’s been hurt too
Don’t bother him while he’s on the roof
Don’t go on the roof!!
Just wait, patience is a fucking virtue
Don’t climb another person’s roof
Awww this is sweet
He seems surprised she would play with his kid
Girl why would you ask!?
You don’t know that girl, stop assuming
This is a bit of a weird way to play it
I know it’s a sneaky way to find out more and help him
But it feels so sketchy
Use someone’s niceness against them, I dunno this apartment is so cute
Thats what he said, he said we’ll see whether or not hes fit to pay the fine
It was literally in what he said
The people who walked out on him on Christmas some 20 years ago, yeah, great company they’ll be
Did he bring her dinner?
Well, some cider at least
Don’t walk away with the cider mate
He did bring her dinner!
Small towns really are cute
He seems like a genuinely nice guy at times
I really don’t know his name
Nice guy but a jackass, is that a thing
I need a swear jar for “especially at christmas”
Toasted tuna salad!? Gross
Awwwwww sweetie
Yeah girl, you shouldn’t have said that
Oh wow really!?
That was unexpected…
That’s his name
Sister? Cousin?
So I wonder what she’s going to do what’s the point of all that homework
That’s not how the law works girl
Oh I see, that was her homework
What on earth is going on with them!?!?
Is she bitchy because he had dinner with some girl
They’re not saying he’s crazy they’re giving him an out so he doesn’t have to pay the fine
I actually had to pause to get my thoughts down
I do think law requires compassion (did I learn that from legally blonde?)
But I know that you don’t get to win because you want to and because you think your cause is just
Do a good job, prove you’re correct
Otherwise you’re not very good lawyers. Also from legally blonde
But yeah, just because it’s beautiful isn’t a good enough excuse!
It’s the same as “I’m late can’t you let me in the shop?” Etc. It’s entitlement that the world should revolve around you and it’s sloppy practice
It a clear to me that Dale’s tree isn’t a problem on the outside, but in-world you’ve got to do these things by the book
Also, I’m starting a “because Christmas” counter for the rest of the year…
Haha i love this old boy
Just teach him how to put his tree up safely
Haha calling them on their sniping
Good boy
Oh shit 24 hours!?
Love him
He knows what he’s doing
She better not be mad because of learning he sometimes has dinner with a lady
I hope we burn down the house of everyone who complained about his little tree
Ugh, don’t be a petty bitch
Getting over yourself are you?
Sick of movies where I don’t like protagonists
Its only gonna take five minutes
There are like 30 people in this town
Stop being so miserable
He has no idea what he’s done wrong probably because he hasn’t done anything wrong
Ah, he figured it out
Stupid cow
Also, you’ve know him three days, he’s allowed to have previously gone to dinner with somebody
Right, back to work guys
Hahaha, no, but it’s a good mantra
He’s so sweet
Come on team, stop snogging and get working
You can snog on Christmas
It was literally open on that page, you guys were doing a bad job
What a douchebag
Wait, if it’s NOT attached to the roof surely it’s more of a hazard
Maybe she cares about Dale!
Maybe someone should be nice to him
I mean, probably no one is working on Christmas, just put it back up
Oh, this is a bigger job than j thought
She’s proper buying him a new one and everything
But let’s be honest, unless his family comes home, what’s the point?
I love the sound of snow crunching
Oh no is he gonna be dead!?!?
He’s fucking dead isn’t he
Or he’s out getting groceries, come back to see people climbing on his roof…
This is a hell of an undertaking
Oh he’s not dead!
Just sad and tired of the mess and nonsense I guess
Oh, they do work on Christmas
Hahahaha excellent
Merry Christmas ya big twat
This tree is so much bigger I feel like it is a hazard now…
Have they made a platform to put it on?
Oh it’s much higher up, and presumably on a platform but not attached
Where did they plug it in? Have they spoken to Dale?
That’s almost as many people as we’re at the actual tree lighting ceremony
I think he fucking knows
You’ve been outside his house for 8 hours
Oh dear
I mean, he was willing to go to jail over his little tree, don’t try to understand him
Maybe you just bullied your way into his tragedy
It’s been a legit week
Is it his family!?!?!?!?
What do you mean!? How do you know!?
Interfering cow
We figured man
“Good friends” oh wow
Oh baby boy
Of course it fucking was
I mean, I don’t know why he didn’t fucking say
Everybody knew she’d left and taken his son away
Wow dude, what!?
Things move fast in these movies BUT IT’S BEEN A LEGIT WEEK
I looked it up, the guy who played her dad is 12 years older, the actress who plays her mum doesn’t have her age info online
So, uhm, it was alright? Ironically after all the times she said ‘Because it’s Christmas’ or ‘But it’s Christmas’ and I decided to start a counter she didn’t say it again but I’ll keep tabs for future movies. This movie felt like it knew it needed to hit certain tropes but didn’t quite know how to connect them all up.