Christmas Movies – Micro Reviews

Christmas with a View

Honestly, a bit naff. The couple were already snogging at half an hour in, so then there was another hour of manufactured outrage and wilful misunderstanding before it all came out right. Also, I’m really not sure why her mother was even there?


Holiday in the Wild

Not bad, the bit where she has a tiny go at Derek for something completely unwarranted and then they’re still friends for the next three months seemed a bit odd. But whatever, elephants are cute.


The Christmas Break-in

Surprisingly enjoyable, it sounded terrible but ended up being a modern day Home Alone with a lot more heart.


Santa Girl

Bizarre, weird, somewhat racist against elves when frankly, I would love Pep in my life.


Let It Snow

Unsurprisingly enjoyable, given it’s based on a book that two authors that I have read previously and enjoyed. It’s a fair bit different from the book however but I still thought it was thoroughly good.



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