Movie Review: Once Upon a Holiday – 7 Points

When a Princess escapes her entourage to explore New York City over Christmas, she meets a young man who shows the beautiful stranger his side of the city.

Art is rubbish – you’re not allowed.

Aha, the love interest appears

Is harry a kid??

How old is this dude? How did he know her mother when she was a kid!?


Whingey much?!

Ding! Dead parent

Ding ding! Dead parent who loves christmas

I mean, I do get it. One hour isn’t that much to ask.

Oh! Harry is an old man…

What was that dust thing? Is he santa?

Old dude has a death wish to go out in a puff of smoke

Aww, Jack’s a good boy isn’t he?

Go on girl, do a sneak


Did she steal clothes from a donation box?Q

Who’s Harry, an adoptive granddad?

Aha, he’s cupid and a magician and a santa

Who is everyone?

I like his style, eating chocolate coins, good chap

And she’s on the move. Uhm, no, it takes more of a pause than that to take a photo

Or they’ll all be blurred, come on

Why is everyone wearing blue and grey!?

Oh no, they stole her camera

Go go Jack! 

Don’t stop to say sorry, just go!

You barely bumped the guy

Oh hey, you’re a pretty girl

Is she being braindead, oh, she is

Why is she being weird? Where did her phone go? What’s wrong with her.

He’s just a helpful dude.

Did they take all her stuff?!

Oh, OK, but still, why was she being weird

Oh man, imagine being, presumably sister to the king, but also being just the PR lady

You go George!

Yes…who *is* Simon, is he this tiny dude?

A tiny man of a family of bodyguards, what!?

I mean, if she went to college does she not know these things? Or did they bring teachers to her?

Who is Jack grumpy about? Why does he hate his sister’s boyfriend?

Is it because he’s a dweeb?

Aha, the boyfriend is a journalist, he’s gonna ruin the secret of Katie being in the city, I can sense the perceived Grand Betrayal/Tragic Misunderstanding

“Why is everyone interested in my personal life?” because it’s christmas in a romance movie

Poor Ross, poor dweeb

Come on girl, he is legit going somewhere, don’t make your bf feel worse

Is this the Santacon I’ve heard so much about?

What the fuck is wrong with her?

It’s a con of actual Santas, I love it

Katie Holiday!?!?

Aha, he is a magician, OK, that’s fun

Oh…she ditched the phone, that was stupid

Worst journalist ever…

Dude, you are so close to her face

“I don’t know what I would have done without you” You did nothing *with* him!?

She is so useless oh my god

Just let him help, you have no idea what you’re doing you useless woman

Aha, the stalkers are there

Ross, you have no chill…


That is the second time he’s said “you’re kidding me” to Freddie

Ross…chill th efuck out


“You like photography” well done…

Hmmm, Jack, you’re intriguing

‘Cos you’re pretttttty

Good lad, well done concierge dude

Uh oh, the sister is here

Dude, you should have made him leave

Normally the transformation sequence happens when she puts on a dress, not casual clothes

Dude, it’s trousers

Ross, what are you doing?

Nothing more romantic than carrying a massive tree

Also, Katie, I’m sorry, I get it but still, you should check in, you’re being kind of a dick

Oh shit, they’re both dead


Also, don’t give him a coloured in book, what use is that?

Wow gretchen, you were a bitch

“A contact in the city” lulz

OK, so why was it the afternoon by the time they got to the gallery, when did she get up!?!

Also, why is she so unbothered by the loss of her camera!?

Oh man, Ross, what’s wrong with you, Tony, why aren’t you following her

Another day in New York, but who knows what time!?

Legit magic!?

“Stop those santas” Good idea mate

Also, her voice is so damn husky

He didn’t even find her!? 

Worst bodyguards ever…

I wonder if the Princess Diaries writer Meg Cabot knows what she did when she wrote those books

“So I got a plane all the way here at short notice” I hope Monserrai paid for his flight…

A new lowest score! Wowee, this movie was pretty rubbish from what I recall. The princess was pretty dumb and not much made any sense. Just poorly thought through over all.



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